What if you could Reframe the Future and Adapt to Change? Join us to find how ...

Sustain Ability International in partnership with the Long Future Foundation and with the support of Sustainable Engineers Society will deliver a series of joint presentations called Reframing the Future and Adapting to Change.  

Our joint goal is to create a pathway for engineers to become the go-to professionals for the knowledge, tools, and implementation of change for the delivery of sustainability outcomes.


Amid this chaos, there is one group of professionals who have a disproportionate opportunity to drive positive change for humanity: our engineers.

Engineers design safe bridges, and put the curiosity rover on Mars after-all.

They make bridges that are anchored to stable points in the environment; bridges that span the chaos below; bridges that allow people to pass easily from where they are, to where they want to be.

That said, engineers also design nuclear weapons, coal-fired power stations, and bridges to nowhere.

Simply put: the engineers could be a critical influencer on the achievement of sustainability; if only they had the necessary knowledge, passion and drive.

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