Become a Leader for Adaptive Sustainability. Here's how ...

Join us to become a Leader for Adaptive Sustainability

Organisational leaders operate in a dynamically changing, interconnected and complex business environment. This course will help you navigate this unpredictable terrain while successfully
managing your staff and functional units.

We understand that you are typically stretched between the needs of senior management (vertically up), your subordinates (vertically down), and life outside work (horizontally). In order to become an effective leader you must be agile in your thinking and have the capacity to address a multiplicity of challenges.

That is why our course focuses on a unique combination of leadership, resilience and adaptive sustainability. Participants are engaged in experiential learning and practical projects relevant to
themselves and their organisations. We support your learning with a 1:1 mentoring session to address your specific workplace issues and we offer ongoing access to coaching and personal development.

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